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Where it all began

Scott and I started Snug Life in the winter of 2010. I’ve always had a passion for design/art with the dreams of one day designing apparel for an activity I was strongly invested in. Scott and I grew up snowboarding in the Southern Vermont area. We were fortunate enough to be able to ride throughout the Country, myself competing and Scott as a coach. Through the years of riding you learn snowboarding is more- it’s a life style a passion you’re invested in. Everyone’s striving to be different, walking to their own beat. This is where Snug Life began… our goal was to construct quality pieces of art that could be worn as  an expression of someone’s individuality, a piece of fashion that is both rider worn and approved. They’re pieces of our art work – pieces we hope people continue to stay stoked on, and allow us to continue a career in the industry – a place we both grew up in.




Owner / Videographer

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